Grammar Girl’s Top 10 Grammar Myths

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If you’re a tech-savvy grammar enthusiast, you’re probably already familiar with Mignon Fogarty (aka “Grammar Girl”) and her weekly podcast, Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. If you’ve never visited the Grammar Girl website, last week’s episode offers an excellent introduction with a top 10 countdown of common grammar misconceptions featuring links to more detailed discussions from previous episodes.

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Google Reaches the Stars

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According to their official website, Google has “teamed up with astronomers at some of the largest observatories in the world to bring you” Google Sky, a new tool offering “an exciting way to browse and explore the universe.” Users can enter terms or coordinates to search for particular stars and galaxies, but there is no “Get directions” feature…yet.

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Werner Herzog Film Fest

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With a singular vision continually blurring the fine line between reality and fiction, Werner Herzog has become one of cinema’s most controversial and enigmatic filmmakers. A strong authorial presence pervades each of his films, whether fictional features or documentaries. For Herzog, there is no distinction between the two styles – they are all just “films” – because real life and fiction feed off each other for mutual poetic inspiration. His worldview often seems bleak and anti-humanistic, featuring quixotic outsiders who reject or are rejected by society, only to be crushed by the weight of their own ambitions. Civilisation is always teetering at the edge of self-destruction, “like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness” (1), with faith and superstition minding the tattered border. Although keenly aware of his nation’s violent past, Herzog’s films generally eschew specific historical and political considerations in the face of a universe filled with murder, destruction and the demise of the individual. These themes gradually emerge throughout a body of work at once stunning and perplexing. As with the subject matter in his “documentaries”, it is often difficult to separate the “real” Herzog from the myriad fictions that have sprung up around him, either as myths perpetuated in the media or as subtle fabrications maintained by Herzog himself.  READ MORE

The Herzog Film Festival continues at WWML.  FIND OUT MORE

If you’ve already attended a screening please let us know how you enjoyed it here. 

Do you have opinions of Herzog?  Feel free to share them by commenting here 🙂

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I’m celebrating my 6 month anniversary as a proud member and could not help but christen the momentus occasion with a blog post. is a social networking site that aims to connect people with similar interests by allowing them to post notices of events and meetings. 

Say you love kayaking.  You can sign up to be a “member” of the local New Haven kayaking group and be informed of any kayaking trips they are taking.  More importantly, you are able to meet people who share your love of kayaking and make new friends to share new adventures with.  I personally could not be more happy to receive email notifications of new group activities and always look forward to upcoming meetings of my favorite groups.  But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what bigger publications with better writers are saying about

Time“A convenient, non-threatening way to connect to other people who share similar interests and live nearby.”

Newsweek “…helps groups of strangers organize monthly powwows at local watering holes.”

Toronto Sun“…it’s important to stay true to your passions or interests, whatever they may be… An opportunity to reconnect with yourself and others in a stress-free environment. It’s as simple as that.”

Not convinced? Check it out for yourself!

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No Child Left Inside

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CT’s Department of Environmental Protection has launched a wonderful new program for familes and nature lovers alike!  It’s called No Child Left Behind and it promotes the enjoyment of Connecticut’s many natural wonders.

Stop by the library to check out a CT State Park & Forest Pass that will give you and your family free admission to all of Connecticut’s state parks, forests and waterways!


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Social Networks 1.0

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If you’ve ever been in the computer area of the library, and glanced at your neighbor’s computer screen, you may have seen them surfing one of the Internet’s many “social networking” websites.  Besides the popular, there are many varied and interesting sites available now that are working to connect like-minded people through the power of the web. 

Social networking services allow users to create a profile for themselves. Users can upload a picture of themselves and can often be “friends” with other users. In most social networking services, both users must confirm that they are friends before they are linked. For example, if Alice lists Bob as a friend, then Bob would have to approve Alice’s friend request before they are listed as friends.   Social networks usually have privacy controls that allows the user to choose who can view their profile or contact them, etc.

Check out this list of Social Networks from wikipedia:

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Job hunting or just surfing the web?

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Think you’re competitive in the marketplace in your hunt for a new job?  Maybe you’ve got all the qualifications but your employer wants to know more.  What are your interests?  Hobbies?  Opinions?  Topics not always covered during an interview, but sometimes covered later on by the interviewer in a sneak attempt to learn more about you– online.

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur without a website seeking clients and new jobs.  How will your potential customers find out more about you if not through word-of-mouth?

According to a story by Good Morning America,( it’s more important than ever to establish a digital identity for yourself– and there are lots of free, easy and safe ways to do it!

What sites and information comes up when you Google search for yourself online?  Maybe the results will disappoint you.  If you’re ready to take the plunge and put yourself “out there” on the World Wide Web, Tory Johnson suggests you try networking website:

Linked In can give you the online space to showcase your talents by posting your resume and because it’s a networking community, it doesn’t appear to your current employers are though you’re searching for a new job.  Johnson also suggests: Women for Hire Network at and for profile building.

 Is it time for you to “get out there”?

Online Networking

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